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Common Uses:

Humalog is a hormone used to treat sugar diabetes
(diabetes mellitus).



Follow the directions for using Humalog provided by your Pharmacist,
Physician or Primary Care Provider. Humalog begins lowering blood
sugar within 30 minutes after injection. Use within 15 minutes before
a meal. The peak effect occurs between 1 and 2 hours after injection
and lasts for up to 5 hours. Humalog comes with a patient information
leaflet, read it carefully. Do not use any other insulin with Humalog
unless otherwise instructed by your Pharmacist, Physician or Primary
Care Provider. Store in a cold place, preferably in a refrigerator.
Do not freeze. Protect insulin from direct sunlight. The vial you
are currently using may be kept at room temperature for up to 28
days. If you are using a prefilled syringe, follow the manufacturer
instructions for storage.


Side Effects:

Side effects that may occur while taking Humalog are signs of low
or high blood sugar. Signs of low blood sugar include sudden onset
of a cold sweat, dizziness, fatigue, shakiness, rapid heartbeat,
nausea, vision changes, or personality change or confusion. If loss
of consciousness occurs, obtain emergency medical care immediately.
Signs of high blood sugar include gradual onset of drowsiness, flushed
face, thirst, loss of appetite, or increased urination. If you notice
any effects, consult your Pharmacist, Physician or Primary Care


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