Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in New Jersey is very safe and retains numerous benefits. The reason why so many women are looking to BHRT is because of the dramatic hormonal changes that come with aging. Menopause doesn’t just represent hot flashes and other typical symptoms; it also interferes with energy and libido levels. Restoring the balance of hormones is a key process of regaining control over the changes of aging.

Benefits: By utilizing bio-identical hormone replacement NJ, women who reach the menopause stage will feel more energized and more in control of their thoughts and feelings. Concentration and memory is greatly enhanced along with libido and diminished vaginal dryness. In addition, improved bone strength and muscle tone can be expected. In essence BHRT increases the estrogen hormone which acts as a natural mood stabilizer, improves mental capacity, basically all the good things of youth while estrogen was still naturally produced by the body. Low levels of estrogen will affect sleeping patterns, appetite and body temperature, better known as hot flashes. By increasing the estrogen level there will be a dramatic reduction in these symptoms.

Safety: Due to the various ways it can be administered, BHRT has proven to be very safe. This is mostly based on the fact that treatment is tailor made for the individual so-to-speak. Products bought over the counter, for instance cream, contains a relatively small dosage while administration by a professional entails in depth information about the client, resulting in a very safe environment as well.

Conclusion: Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in New Jersey should definitely become part of taking back the love of living, especially when the body is making the aging process difficult. Any woman who has suffered from the effects of menopause can testify to the inconvenience and sometimes devastating consequences of hormonal imbalances. BHRT can be considered the natural weapon for maintaining quality of life during a very emotional time.

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