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What is Emla

Emla is available in the form of a cream, and it’s a popular local anesthetic or a numbing medication. It contains prilocaine and lidocaine as its active ingredients, and they work by blocking nerve signals in the human body. This medicine is used to numb the skin and prepare patients for minor medical procedures or surgeries.

How to use Medicine

It’s necessary to use Emla about 4 hours before a planned medical procedure or surgery. Follow the recommendations given by doctors and written on the label. Use only a small amount of this cream to numb your skin. The body may absorb a lot of this medicine if you apply too much of it. Besides, irritated and cut skin may absorb more Emla than the healthy one. Cover your skin to keep this medication in place. When applying it to children, follow all the dosing instructions carefully because the right dosage is based on their weight. Overdosing may cause fatal adverse reactions, and it’s indicated by such symptoms as slowed breathing, uneven heartbeats, coma, and seizures.

Precautions and Contraindications

Don’t use Emla if you have any possible allergic reactions to numbing meds. To ensure that its use is 100% safe for you, inform doctors if you have any other health conditions, including blood cell disBuys, liver problems, genetic enzyme deficiency, and others. This medication isn’t expected to cause any harm to unborn babies, but you need to tell your physician if you’re pregnant or want to get pregnant in the nearest future.

The active ingredients of Emla, prilocaine and lidocaine, may pass into the breast milk and cause harm to nursing babies, and that’s why breastfeeding women aren’t allowed to apply it. Don’t let this cream come into contact with eyes and don’t use it orally. Avoid any injuries on treated skin areas when they’re numb. Avoid contacting with very cold and hot surfaces, too. Talk to your physician to determine the right amount of this cream and find out how to apply it safely and effectively.

Drug Interactions

There are some medications that shouldn’t be taken along with Emla because they may cause possible drug interactions. They must be avoided as they can lead to dangerous side effects and decrease its effectiveness. Inform doctors about any other pharmaceutical products that you’re using, including herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals, over-the-counter meds, and prescription drugs. Don’t combine Emla with such drugs as heart rhythm medications, sulfa drugs, and seizure meds because they’re likely to lead to serious interactions.

Side effects

Almost all drugs may result in mild and serious side effects. When applying Emla, you may experience unwanted and annoying symptoms that must be reported to your physician immediately. For example, you need to go to the hospital right after developing any signs of allergic reactions, such as difficulty breathing, hives, and swelling of your lips, throat, and face. Stop using Emla and contact doctors after experiencing such severe side effects as redness, swelling, severe stinging, burning, and irritation where this topical anesthetic was applied.
Get medical help if you have such serious symptoms as confusion, ringing in your ears, blurred vision, sudden drowsiness and dizziness, unusual sensations of temperature, purple skin appearance, and easy bruising. The use of Emla may also cause mild side effects, including mild burning, skin rash, itching, and changes in your skin color. However, you should tell doctors about any of them, especially if these mild symptoms persist or get worse over time. 

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