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Yaz (Lynoral)


What is Yaz

Yaz makes the uterus lining hard making it tough for the sperm to impregnate a woman. Yaz also makes the uterus inhospitable towards a developed sperm. Yaz apart from being used as a birth control pill is also used as a contraceptive pill.

It is prescribed to young girls who are about fourteen years of age and have had their menstrual cycle initiated. It is used by such young women as birth control pills. Yaz has been used for the treatment of numerous symptoms of the PMDD. PMDD is known as a disBuy that occurs before one or two years of menstrual cycle.

Yaz can help appease anxiety, depression, the felling of irritability, help reduce your sleep and appetite changes, it also provides you with energy. Yaz helps to counter the effects of gaining weight, appeasing the muscle and joint pain and reduces the head aches in women suffering from PMDD. Yaz is a drug that must be used with extreme caution. If a woman is expecting, she should never take Yaz as it can cause massive defects to the unborn baby. In that case, a complete check up and suggestion from your family physician or gynaecologist is a must because he/she would be fully aware of her patient and can suggest the dosage accordingly.

How to use Medicine

People Who Must Not Take Yaz:

Yaz cannot be taken by almost everybody. There are people who must refrain from using this medicine at all times. People who have had a past tainted with a heart stroke, blood clot, or those that have been diagnosed with uterine cancer or breast cancer, have slight problems related to blood circulation, or those that suffer from irregular vaginal bleeding. People with adrenal gland disBuy or constant head migraine should definitely stay away from this drug.

Yaz is a very strong medicine that must be taken with great care as it will ultimately affect a new life along with yours. It should be taken just according to what your doctors have prescribed to you. The first pill must be taken the day you begin your periods. Or you should start taking Yaz on the first Saturday or Sunday after your menstrual cycle initiates. One pill must be taken every single day. The duration between the pills must not be more than twenty four hours.

Some Side Effects Of Yaz:

One of the major side effects of Yaz is that you may suffer from excessive bleeding; this can be of huge amounts or just meagre amounts. Whatever the amount you must make a trip to your doctor's office immediately. The doctor might prescribe you to other medicine. Or you might have to have some medical tests or surgery. Due to excessive bleeding, it is possible that you might fall weak and the doctors recommend that you take complete bed rest. Your doctor or surgeon should know your complete history regarding the intake of this medicine.

Warnings And precautions:

It is very important to remember the specific Yaz dose and if you by mistake miss it, take it as soon as possible. You can either take two pills the next time you take your scheduled dose of Yaz. But you do not need to fret a lot and take other birth control pills.

When you are taking Yaz; as it is a very strong medicine, you need to go and get yourself checked by the doctor regularly. During the duration that you are taking Yaz , you must keep checking your breasts for any signs of lumps; even the slightest discomfort in the breast or a slight sign of lump should be reported to the doctor and you must stop taking Yaz immediately.

Yaz must be stored at room temperature. Yaz must be kept away from extreme heat and excessive moisture.

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