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Actonel (Risedronic acid)


What is Actonel

Actonel (risedronate sodium) is a great invention of medical science. It is a solution to many problems of both men and women including osteoporosis and Paget's disease. Actonel is a medicine designed for all kinds of people. It comes in the form of tablets but the good thing is that tablets are of different strengths. Some tablets need to be taken once a day and others once a week. You need to pay a visit to your doctor if you want to know about the exact strength of Actonel which will be suitable for your condition and body.

How to use Medicine

A good thing which you can do wnen you think about taking of Actonel is to take a look at the prescription label to make sure that you use the right strength of Actonel at the right time of the day, week or month. You need to take the Actonel tablet with a glass of water. It is not advisable to eat food before taking the medicine. The best thing to do is to eat food at least 30 minutes after taking the dose of Actonel. It is also not a good idea to lie down immediately after taking the medication.

Taking 2 Actonel tablets in a day is not at all advisable because this will lead to over dosage which will show negative effects like diarrhea, stomach pain, muscle cramps and heartburn. In case of missed dosage taking it as soon as you possible is the ideal thing to do. If at any time you feel that Actonel is harming your body you should immediately tell FDA about it. In Buy to keep using Actonel tablets for a long time you should store them at room temperature away from extremes of temperature.

Precautions and Contraindications

One thing you should note when you are intend to take is that taking different strengths of Actonel Online at the same time will do your health no good as does eating the tablet by breaking or chewing it. If you wish to undergo dental surgery then it is a must that you let your doctor know that you are on Actonel dosage. You will also need to visit your doctor on regular basis so that he can check your bone mineral density to be absolutely sure that Actonel Online is having a positive impact on your physical condition. Actonel alone cannot do wonders for you what you need along with medication is to keep a close eye on eating habits and carry out regular exercise.

Side effects

Actonel shows some serious side effects which can turn into a big problem if they are not taken care of or are left untreated. Chest pain, worsening heartburn and difficulty in swallowing are three most common side effects of using Actonel. You may also feel severe indigestion and pain in joints as well as muscles. Jaw pain and numbness are also caused by prolonged intake of this drug. If you experience any of the above mentioned side effects then you should not take them lightly.

There are some less serious side effects of Actonel as well which may not require a visit to the doctor. These effects include constipation, mild joint pain, headache and flu.

Medicines Which Do Not Complement Actonel: There are some drugs which produce adverse reactions in the body when used along with Actonel. These medicines include aspirin, celecoxib, diflunisal and indomethacin. There is a long list of medicines which should be avoided at all cost when you are taking Actonel Online. There are some vitamins as well which do not go well with Actonel. Since the doctor knows all about such types of medicines so consulting with him becomes even more vital.
Summary: Actonel Online is among those medicines which leave a very sensitive side effect to your body. Thus if you are feeling that your body need this kinds of medicines then it would be recommended to first ask your family physician about its positive or negative effects.

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