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Crestor (Rosuvastatin Calcium)


What is Crestor

Crestor is available in the form of tablets with the shells of a pink pellicle with the stamping of the international code of the drug on one side and a special notch on the other. One blister has 7 tablets inside and one package has one to four blisters.

How to use Medicine

Crestor is taken orally with water at any time a day, regardless of the meal. Pills should be taken without chewing.

The dose depends on many factors, such as response to treatment, the goals of Crestor use, recommendations for target levels of lipoproteins, etc. Also, different doses are used depending on whether patients have kidney or liver failure, propensity for myopathy or whether they belong to ethnic groups.

Individual indicators of cholesterol levels, the risk of an emergence of side effects and future complications on the cardiovascular system ? are also important factors in determining dosage.

As you see, to make independent decisions as to in what quantities take Crestor is a very dangerous decision. It may cause not only to the fact that the drug will not have the desired effect, but it may have even a negative action on the body.

Probably, you do not have the time or energy or desire to spend hours in search of the pharmacy, in which the drug is available. For this and there our service is. . Only a few movements of hand and your Buy in the near future will turn into necessary drug. Call us if you have questions.

Most drugs for serious severe diseases can be in equal measure as effective, so destructive. To prevent this, always undergo medical treatment only after consulting your doctor. Observe all contraindications for use and discuss them with your doctor. Then any side effects will not disturb you.

Crestor belongs to the lipid-lowering drugs class. This is a medical remedy used to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and for the treatment of atherosclerosis and other diseases.

Crestor tablets of different dosages — 10, 20 and 40 mg — are available for comfortable use without a prescription. However, different doses of the drug have different contraindications.


Precautions and Contraindications

diseases of the liver;
simultaneous using with immunosuppressants, cyclosporine in particular;
the possibility of conception (the absence of contraception);
lactose intolerance;
kidney damage;

Using this medicine at a dosage of 40 mg has supplementary contraindications:

low levels of thyroid hormones;
muscle diseases;
alcohol abuse;
remedy in this dosage is contraindicated for patients of Asian race.

Before you , we strongly recommend you to consult with a specialist on the need for its use.

At the base of the Crestor’s effect is the process of inhibition of different density lipoprotein synthesis, what leads to a significant decrease in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

Side effects

patients younger than 18 years of age;
hypersensitivity to Crestor or any of its ingredients;
pregnancy and breast-feeding;
active-stage liver disease, including transaminase levels exceeding is 3 times more permissible norm;
using in conjunction with cyclosporine;
clear violations of kidney function.

In addition, Crestor is not prescribed female patients that do not use highly effective methods of contraception.

5, 10, 20 mg

30, 60, 90 pills

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