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Janumet (Metformin)


What is Janumet

The Janumet drug is usually used for controlling the sugar levels in the blood, and that is why its two main ingredients are the Metformin and the Sitagliptin which are used for the purpose of controlling the blood sugar levels. These two main ingredients of Janumet have the same purpose, but they work in different ways. Sitagliptin regulates the insulin level in the blood, and thus regulates blood sugar level. The other one, Metformin allows more of the sugar to be saved in the liver as glycogen and less to be converted to glucose, and it also decreases the intestinal absorption of glucose. With these two methods, the drug is able to maintain the blood sugar level.

How to use Medicine

Some Precautions:

Since Metformin is the main ingredient of Janumet, people with allergic reactions to Metformin must avoid Janumet. Moreover, people with liver disease or even kidney disease are also not recommended to take Janumet.

Lactic acidosis is a symptom that occurs in some people who are allergic to Metformin. The condition is really severe, and sometimes it may end up in death. It is thus, recommended to take enough precautions before take Janumet. People who are likely to get the condition of lactic acidosis after taking Janumet are those with heart failure, or kidney problems, or even people who drink a lot of alcohol. Strict doctor's prescription is needed to issue Janumet, because without proper precautions, it can be deadly if used by the wrong people. Doctors usually ask patients about their past record, before prescribing this medicine to them.

Moreover, patients who take Janumet Online must make sure to take it in the exact quantity that is prescribed but he doctor. Taking in greater or lesser amount of Janumet may be harmful. Frequent blood tests, are also needed, and blood sugar level should be checked, just to make sure that Janumet is working and maintaining the blood sugar level. In case of some ups and downs, the doctor will recommend you a higher dose, so you must take it.
People having low blood sugar levels, should also take some sugary alternates along with Janumet, to make sure the blood sugar level gets back to normal in less time. Sources of sugar with include some juices and some candies.

Moreover, at the time of taking Janumet, the patient should make sure to stay away from alcohol. Drinking alcohol also with the medication may result in the life risking condition of lactic acidosis.
Janumet And Pregnancy:

Although Janumet is not known to have harmful effects on a pregnant woman and her baby, it is still better to ask the doctor about it before taking. Similarly, if the mother is breast feeding her baby, there are some chances of any of the two ingredients of Janumet Online passing on in the milk, to the baby's body. So, in all cases, a doctor's advice is strictly needed.

Overdosing, Miss A Dose: Janumet has a proper course that must be followed properly. Janumet must be taken at its prescribed time. In case of forgetting it, it may be taken as soon as the person remembers it. However, if you remember the missed dose just sometime before the next dose, it is better to miss that one completely. Just for safe side, it is better to stick a reminder on your refrigerator and write the timings of your medicines, so that you may not forget. Missing the dose of Janumet Online often can be harmful. On the other hand, taking an overdose of Janumet would require immediate help. The symptoms of overdose may include sweating, blurred vision, stomach pain, and also trouble in speaking. Fainting may also be experienced as a severe symptom of Janumet.
Side Effects Of Janumet: When Janumet Online has a lot of benefits to provide, there are also a few side effects. These include mild nausea, headache, stomach pain, weakness, diarrhea and also symptoms of cold, like runny noses and sore throat.


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