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Evista (Raloxifene)


What is Evista

Evista is manufactured by Eli Lily and Company in both United States of America and European Union. Evista is a prescription drug and cannot be obtained legally without a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Evista is recognized for treating and then preventing the osteoporosis in different women. It is also reported that Evista has a positive effect in decreasing the incidence of invasive cancer of the breast among the postmenopausal women who consume it.

How to use Medicine

Evista is prescribed for preventing and treating osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and has been reported to be useful for reduction in the risk of the invasive cancer of breast among those women having the postmenopausal with the osteoporosis. This is so because Evista's active substance is raloxifene hydrochloride which has been reported to have similar effect like tamoxifen, another substance suggested for decreasing the very risk of the breast cancer. Evista is taken under regular supervision of doctor. The patient is not required to be hospitalized but a regular connection with doctor is emphasized coupled with regular assessment of the effects of the Evista drug.

Osteoporosis occurs when not enough growth takes place in the bone to replace the naturally breaking down of bones. This leads to gradual thinning and weakening of bones rendering them susceptible to fracture. A higher incidence of osteoporosis is reported among women after the menopause. This happens because the female hormone oestrogen begins to decrease with the consequence of making the bones more fragile. Oestrogen plays very important role as it slows down the breaking of bones. This is very Evistacomes to play its role.
Raloxifene which is the active ingredient of Evista Online is a selective oestrogen receptor modulator, that is, Evista acts as an 'agonist' of the oestrogen receptor causing the same effect as oestrogen in the bones without any effect in the breast or the womb.

What Are The Risks Associated With Evista?

Evista does come with risks and certain groups of patients are generally desisted from taking it. Women, who are pregnant or they can someday become pregnant, have a past history of blood clot disBuy, or develop blood clot during the treatment or those who have liver, kidney related disease, are advised against the use of Evista. Also, serious and life-threatening side effects have been reported to occur when taking Evista. These include, besides increased risk of blood clots in legs and lungs, the possibility of strokes, increased risk of dying from stokes and heart attacks. Evista is not prescribed to women with condition of stroke, heart attack or any other serious cardiovascular disease. Evista is also known for no effect on breasts, so in cases where breast enlargement or tenderness occurs patients are asked to stop Evista .

Evista is one of the remarkable drugs to be developed in last decade for preventing breast cancer in postmenstrual women. Evista is known for success in treating osteoporosis. But like any other drug, Evista too has side effects and is also prohibited for certain group of patients. With precaution and care, Evista is known to give significant positive results and has proved to be successful.

Evista And Pregnancy:

It is important to note here that Evista is not suggested if the woman is pregnant or could become pregnant given the possibility that Evista Online may harm the unborn child. Also, if the woman is nursing a baby, then also Evista is not prescribed as it is still not really discovered whether it passes into the milk of the breast and the effects it could have on the baby.

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