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Rogaine (Minoxidil)


What is Rogaine

Rogaine is one of the trade names for the pharmacological medication called Minoxidil which belongs to the class of vasodilators of antihypertensive drugs. However, Rogaine is not commonly indicated in moderate cases of hypertension. Rogaine is the most popular prescription to control hair loss and regrow lost hair. It provides the required nutrition for the hair follicles and keeps them healthy enough to facilitate fresh growth of hair. Rogaine is the first drug of choice for the treatment of Alopecia areata. It is believed that Rogaine enhances the blood circulation to the scalp to regulate excessive loss of hair.

How to use Medicine

The principal component of Rogaine is absolute alcohol which is responsible for its vasodilator action. Rogaine hyperpolarises the plasma membranes by developing a negative gradient with its potassium channel opening mechanism. Hence it is not much effective in treating a large area of hair loss. As Rogaine is a vasodilator, it widens the diameter of arteries and veins to facilitate the supply of more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. This action of Rogaine Cream leads to the shedding of weak follicles to get them replaced by strong and healthy follicles generating thicker hairs.

Rogaine is topically used for the conservative treatment of Male pattern barrenness. It is also prescribed for women suffering from thinning and diffuse loss of hair in the frontal and temporal areas of the scalp. Earlier Buy Rogaine No Prescription was originally used to control high blood pressure. Constant usage of Rogaine for hypertension led to the discovery of its positive side effect, hair growth. Rogaine Without Prescription is the only topical hair treatment medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).it is the only effective drug available for treating the root cause of Alopecia areata. The response to Buy Rogaine is slow but more than 60% of the patients benefit from it for a short period of time.

Precautions and Contraindications

It should be noted that Buy Rogaine Without Prescription should never be used along with other topical drugs to prevent the complications of drug interactions. It is generally not indicated in pregnant women as its exact action on the mother and the baby is not known. Nursing mothers are also advised not to use Buy Rogaine because its chemicals may alter the taste and quality of breast milk.dose of this remedy.

Drug Dosages

It should be applied as 1 ml solution to the scalp and dry hair daily in the morning and in the evening. It should be ensured that it is evenly spread all over the scalp. It is necessary that you wash your hands with warm water after use to avoid allergic reactions of the skin. For significant results, the use of Rogaine No Prescription should be continued for at least four months. It works much better in younger patients with less affected areas.

Side effects

The most common negative effects encountered by many users of Rogaine Without Prescription are burning sensation in the eye and itching or redness in the treated area. In addition to these, it also promotes the growth of unwanted body hair. Some users also suffer from serious side effects of Rogaine like severe hypersensitivity reactions, dyspnoea, swelling of the whole facial parts, tachycardia, chest pain and sudden weight gain. Such people should immediately stop its usage and seek medical care as soon as possible. The local side effects of Rogaine No Prescription are dandruff due to the excessive drying of the scalp with alcohol. When taken orally, it may lead to the swelling of the extremities, arrhythmia, dizziness and constant headaches. Large oral doses of Rogaine Cream may rarely lead to Pseudoacromegaly.

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