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Xalatan (Latanoprost)


What is Xalatan

Xalatan is a drug which is basically used to reduce pressure in the eyes. It is used in the treatment of Glaucoma. The applications of Xalatan can be branched to many other treatments as well. The basic purpose of Xalatan is to return the fluid to the eye which has been drained from it. Drained fluid is responsible for causing dryness and hence pressure on the eyes.

How to use Medicine

Xalatan is available in the form of eye drops. You should make sure that you use only that amount which is prescribed by the doctor. Excess of these drops can be harmful for the eyes. You should also know how to put drops into the eye. The procedure is very simple, all you need to do is to open the eye put a drop into the corner of the eye and then gently close the eye so as to prevent the drop from draining out. In case of adding another drop to the same eye it is advisable to take a break of at least 5 minutes.

One of the important things to remember here is that the drops should be put into a refrigerator after use. Heat can really be harmful for Xalatan Online drops. You should also keep an eye on the expiry date after you have opened the Xalatan drops. Expired Xalatan drops can be really damaging to your eyes.

Precautions and Contraindications

Although Xalatan is a safe medicinal drug under most circumstances but in certain circumstances like if you are wearing a lens you should take precautions. The bad thing about using the drug with Xalatan is that it can rapidly discolor the contact lens. Therefore, the best thing to do is to use Xalatan and wait for about half an hour before applying the lenses. This thing can even change the color of your original eye lens which may last you for the entire life. Then you may have to undergo cosmetic surgery to remove the difference in the color of the eyes.

The other important thing that you should definitely keep in mind is that Xalatan Online falls in FDA pregnancy category C which essentially means that its effects on the unborn baby are still not clear. There are also apprehensions about passing of Xalatan into the breast milk and which can be really damaging for the health of the baby. Therefore, it is vital that nursing mothers consult with a doctor before reverting to the use of Xalatan.

Drug Dosage

You should try not to miss the dose of Xalatan because this drug will be less effective if not taken in the correct hours. In case of missing the dosage, you should not put additional drops in the eyes at the next dose to make up for the missed dosage. Since these types of medicines are very sensitive, these should be taken completely according to the doctor's prescription. After its proper treatment, you will definitely find an improvement in your eye sight.

Side effects

Usually people who have eye allergies show more side effects to the drug than other people. Redness, swelling of eyes and discharge of fluid from the eyes are some common side effects of Xalatan . You may also experience headaches and pain in the chest. Vision changes as well as dry eyes are some other harmful effects that you can experience due to Xalatan. Therefore, if you have allergies or if you are experiencing any of the above mentioned signs then you should immediately consult a doctor because eyes are very sensitive and need to be taken good care of

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